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United States Plans Additional Sanctions Targeting Russia

by Thomas

In response to an increase in the level of tensions and geopolitical challenges, the United States has disclosed its wish to re-impose sanctions against Russia. This step of U.S. government shows their readiness to hold Russia responsible for faulty moves that go beyond the international norm functioning.

Yet to come, sanctions are expected to target some specific sectors and individuals. Thus, they signify that diplomatic power is being used to put an economic pressure on a country in question. This method of thinking goes in accordance with the wide international mindset aimed at not supporting behavior undermining the established norms and principles.

The US, in cooperation with its allies, makes efforts to solve these issues of human rights violation, cyber attacks and geopolitics through diplomatic and economic means. Bet on sanctions, they have become the staple of policies exercised by those nations willing to change the behavior of others on the world stage.

Extending far beyond diplomatic circles, sanctions have a strong influence on both the targeting state and the international economic scene. Along with the other USA sanctions on Russia we may see market dynamics that will fluctuate particularly in the direct affect sectors.

Some considerations are the consequences and civil support in the argumentation about the effectiveness of sanctions as a diplomatic tool. Though, the U.S. government sticks to combining economic tactics with its views on the most important matters concerning the world

In the following days, global spotlight will be aimed on subsequent diplomatic moves and the responses of the two countries, America and Russia. The utilization of sanctions as a diplomatic instrument is indicative of the delicate balance of power and the convoluted nature of promoter and demotee managed relationships in the face of the evolving international politics.

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